This blog is a community starts from a little corner of the kitchen. I welcome readers and fellow foodies from all over the world to share their own stories surrounding food. I believe everyone can cook and anyone can be creative if they love to cook and eat. What you eat became who you are, I would like to share my story with you and find out many different stories around the world meeting people from different places and learning how they cook and eat. In this blog, I will be writing mainly about the things I do in my kitchen: creative cooking with Korean and Austrian inspired foods, eating seasonally, and sharing meals and ideas with the people.

portrait of JoJo against white wall

Hello, my name is Jo (AKA JoJo)!

I am the home cook, content creator, food stylist, designer and photographer behind “the Kitchen”. Since 2016, I have been sharing my story about life in Vienna and every day I experience, create and learn many recipes, styling, and photography on food. I am also interested in handmade craft and recycle and up-cycle DIY. Follow me on Instagram and check out what happens in my kitchen on Facebook and Pinterest.

Why this blog?

I was born in Daegu, South Korea and moved to London, UK for study when I was 23. I’ve always had an interest in art growing up and studied Fashion Design in Korea and then Illustration and Graphic Design in London. After finishing school, I’ve worked at photography and advertising companies for 6 years, in between I’ve been working as freelance for sometimes. Moving to London meant that I was officially independent and I had to survive so I started cooking in my small kitchen. And naturally I missed my home food so tried Korean dishes from scratch remembering the taste of my mum’s and the passion for food has grown high and broad with all this international influences. While I was living in London, I’ve met friends from all over the world and we understood each other and different culture through foods we ate together and stories we shared. And one of the friends became my husband/life time mentor, he led me to sustainable world. And we are on the journey of happy and healthy living now in vienna, Austria. My kitchen is a space for me to explore, brainstorm and share my creative thinking and environment friendly cooking process. I love to design, eat good food and share this diverse cooking and dining experience with everyone.

Inspiration for the posts?

I usually write about things that I am interested in and excited about sharing with others and try to keep it simple and fresh. Means by ‘fresh’ is using seasonal and locally produced ingredients. I want to focus on the topic of cooking that we can make our own authentic/even international food with naturally grown vegetables and fruits from local market and any ingredients carefully produced by farmers near us. And also I believe that there are many ways to reduce the waste in everyday life and like to find out the solution for sustainable living and share some ideas with you.