Local Food Resources

There are many resources let you cook with locally produced fresh ingredients in Vienna and I would like to share with you to help you to cook zero waste possible way. Here are a few helpful links and lists I found. This list will be updated regularly so, if there are any other resources that you know and want to share with me and fellow foodies, please send me a message through the form below!

Food Coops

Food Coops (Food Cooperatives) are producer-internal-consumers communities, a great way to get fresh and seasonal ingredients and bio-products directly from local farmers and food producers. You can join an existing Food Coop or create your own. Food Coops are self-organised groups that rent a room where the foods are delivered, collected and stored. Find out one in your district and be part of the community!

Food Coops in Vienna


Local Market

You can also go to local markets in Vienna where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, international food products with less packaging. Don’t forget to bring your own fabric shopping bag!

The list of farmers markets in Vienna

Packaging Free Shops

There are 2 shops in Vienna at the moment and there are few more over Austria, Graz, Innsbruck and so on.

Lunzer’s Massgrississlerei in 1020 Vienna

The Greißler in 1080 Vienna


Here is another link for worldwide packaging free shops list:
Index of Packaging-Free (Zero-Waste) Supermarkets and Grocery Shops

Authentic Food Shops

Bobby’s Foodstore in 1040 (US / UK)

Casa Mexico in 1070 (Mexican)

Crupi in 1040 (Italien)

Délices du Midi in 1040 (French)

Nakwon in 1070 (Korean / Japanese / Chinese)

PROSI Exotic Supermarket in 1070 (Asian / African / Latin American)

Un Jour En France 1070 (French)

Other Inspirational Links

Zero Waste Austria

Zero Waste Vienna List by dariadaria.com

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