Melon is one of my favourite fruits and almost every day in the summer time we eat melons as morning smoothie, evening snack or cook it like a steak, add into salad and more. When I was a little girl living in Korea, my hometown, there were small shops for kids in front of the school and we could get a cup of fruity flavoured slush. I think it wasn’t a healthy snack for kids, as it’s not from fresh fruits rather artificial coloured fruit taste processed food. However, it was cheap and so colourful which you could not resist as a little child. I remember that I was so addicted by that and had every day after school with friends, and we had lots of fun showing colourful tongues to each other. It’s a nice memory of my childhood in one of the hot humid summer day in Korea. Now as grown up, I am talking about healthy food but still, want some fun time without colourful tongue thought. I would like to share my version of healthy melon slush, you can have fun with your friends at the party as welcoming drink or for your kids’ party. It’s sweet, pop and colourful!

melon slush in glasses served for a party

There are so many different types of melon (15 Varieties of Melons with pictures) you can get in the local markets imported from neighbouring countries, Italy and Spain. But there are some farmers in Austria also produce melon these days which is a great news to welcome with open arms! We got our melon from Food Coop in our district of Vienna. You can find Food Coop in your district or local market in my Local Food Resources page. So check out your local resources and get some fresh melon first. You can make colourful melon slush, red (Watermelon), orange (Cantaloupe melon), yellow (Santa Claus melon), green (Honeydew) and more. You just need some lemon juice and booze (for adults) only.



melon slush ingredients watermelon, Santa Claus melon, lemon


Step by Step

how to make watermelon slush


Simple Step

easy step how to make Santa Claus melon slush



melon slush recipe featured image
Melon Slush (Summer Iced Drink)
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins

Cut, freeze, blend, freeze again! With a bit of lemon juice in this easy melon slush, you will enjoy this summer like kids without fear of heat. Looking for a way to shake things up for adults, you just add a shot of rum, gin or vodka.  

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Creative Cuisine
Author: JoJo
  • 1 melon/watermelon/Santa Claus melon (any melon is good)
  • 1-2 lemon
  1. Peel off the melon and cut into big cubes.

  2. Freeze them until they get icy. (for about 1 hour)

  3. Blend these icy melon cubes with lemon juice.

  4. Freeze this melon smoothie again. (for about 2 hours) 

  5. Serve it with or without alcohol.

Recipe Notes
The amount of lemon juice is up to you, you can add as much as you want. If you added too much lemon juice and got too tangy then add some cane sugar and blend and freeze again.

melon slush in glasses for party closeup


Behind the Kitchen

I want to tell you a sweet short story about the glasses I used for serving, it’s another childhood memory of my husband who was Austrian boy. These funky 70s looking glasses are from my grand mother in law. My husband told me that she gave juice or any sweet drinks in this glass especially for him. When I saw these tiny glasses, I just loved them at first glance and begged to keep them. And now, what a perfect glass for this melon slush. Tata!


Tips for Being Green

+ It’s always a problem with too much waste after cutting melons, especially thick watermelon peel. As a big fan of melon, I should find out the way to keep them use as much as possible. With the white part of watermelon which doesn’t have much taste and harder than inner part, you can make pickle out of it. It’s like a radish and lots of vitamins there as well so don’t throw it. After cut off this white part, you still have stripe outer peel, you just boil them for a while and use the water as mouth washer. More detailed information how to use watermelon peel is in the next post!