Pop-Up Events

Currently all the events are happening in pop-up style. I plan more diverse and fun events with international fellow home-cooks in the future. Interested in attending one of upcoming events? Sign up for the mailing list to receive first notices on date & time, location and to book seats. Also you can check out upcoming events on Facebook.

Korean Home-cooking Workshop

The Workshop is a social and casual gathering to brush up home-cooking skills with creative ideas and style. The main cuisine is internationally inspired and creative Korean food from very basic and must-to-know recipe such as Kimchi, Bibimbap and so on. Through the workshop, we will talk about not only the recipe but also the story behind. Class sizes are small where we gather around the kitchen to cook and feast together.

Modern Korean Brunch

With a large range of delicious Korean treats like Kimbap, Kimchi pancake, love-to-die-for Korean fried chicken (fried tofu for vegan) salad, there will be many creative dishes inspired by traditional Korean breakfast and snack bar for Korean food lovers, as well as those who are looking for more European-infused dishes. The Modern Korean Brunch offers a good-value brunch with an inviting and open atmosphere and a decent variety of modern Korean flavour.

Small Event Catering

In the sense of fine and simple living, I offer a small size catering for a special event such as birthday party, social gathering (evening with friends and family), team building and many more. Through the customised catering, I try to support community and interactive event. I will gladly prepare different food for you and offer special catering depends on the theme of the event if you wish. A healthy, seasonal and regional catering for you and your guest – flexible and tailor-made!

Are you interested in any of this Pop-up event?
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