Lemon is one of the most useful and beloved cooking ingredients in our kitchen. Adding just a few drops of lemon juice and tiny slices of lemon peel in many dishes take the whole flavour into another level. But after that what to do with all these leftover lemon scraps? Sometimes, I keep hollow half lemons after taking the juice out of it in the fridge hoping for other uses but often it gets worse and ends up in the food waste bin. I think many foodies have the same experience and search for the way to reduce the waste and use this precious ingredient as much as possible. For sure the one who searched the solution found out so many resources from other food bloggers. I have tried almost all the suggestions but this 4 ways I am going to share with you here is so far the most useful ways to avoid the waste of lemon scraps. You can enjoy using lemons as much as you want and reduce the amount of waste.


1. Candied Lemon Peels


candied leftover lemon peel


It’s quite a time consuming but it’s worth to make it. You will be definitely satisfied with the result and enjoy eating it. Only 10 steps to go!


10 steps to make candied lemon peel


2. Sugared Lemon Peels


sugared lemon peels for tea


This is the easiest way to use leftover lemon, just cut them in slices, you don’t need to separate them with the white rind and outer peel just uses them all. And place this sliced lemon peel in a jar and cover with cane sugar (normal sugar is fine as well) or honey. Preserve over a night at least. Make a lemon tea with adding 1-2 spoons into a mug. Good for your summer cold!


*Please clean the jar properly before using it. Pour boiled water and dry them or put it in the oven at 100°F for 15mins to kill the bacteria.


3.Lemon Room Spray


how to make lemon peel room spray


You just boil the lemon scraps for 15-30 mins and cool it down. And pour into a spray bottle with a stem of herb together, you can use as room spray after cooking or so.


4. Lemon Rinds Spa


use lemon scraps for being beautiful


Don’t waste even the steam from this lemon scraps! While you are chilling down this boiled lemon scraps for making a room spray, you can use the steam, just put your face in the air of steam and stay for few mins. Or you can wash your face with this lemon scrap water if you made too much.


Get healthy and more beautiful with this lemon scraps!  


Tips for Being Green

+ You can use this method for other citrus fruits such as orange, grapefruit and so on.